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A Secure Software Update Framework for Automobiles

uptane Cubes

Resilient protection against all attackers

Uptane is the first software update security system for the automotive industry capable of resisting even attacks by nation-state level actors. It is designed so that the security of software updates does not degrade all at once, but follows a hierarchy in which different levels of access to vehicles or the automaker’s infrastructure must be gained. By building these levels into the security system, even if an attacker compromises servers, bribes operators, or gains access to vehicular networks, he or she is prevented from causing many types of harm to the vehicle.

Why Uptane


  • Acknowledging that all systems will eventually be hacked, Uptane is designed to minimize the damage of a compromise and assure rapid recovery.


  • Uptane takes a modular approach to problem-solving, so legacy systems can upgrade security without the need for extensive retrofitting


  • The Uptane Standard is a living document that is quick to respond to community input.

Getting to Know Uptane

Putting Uptane to work

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